Residential Roof Repair in Orangevale

A roof is pelted by hail and flying debris, bakes under the sun’s UV rays, endures cycles of freeze-thaw-refreeze-thaw, and gets drenched by rain year after year. It’s not surprising that roofs sometimes need repairs, nor is it surprising that Summit Builders, Inc. is the best residential roofing contractor in Orangevale. With our stellar craftsmanship, unbeatable rates, and friendly customer services, there’s no one better to turn to when your roof needs a little TLC.   

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Essential Roof Repair from Summit Builders, Inc.

The sooner roof problems are identified and rectified, the safer a home becomes from treacherous water damage, mold contamination, and compromised structural integrity. Call Summit Builders, Inc.’s roof repair contractors for a reliable assessment of your roof’s condition and different solutions available to you. We’re ready to put our knowledge and skill at your disposal to assist you in determining the safest, most cost-effective method of maintaining your existing roof.

Detail Roof Inspections and Customized Solutions

Our licensed, certified, and insured roof repair technicians will do a full inspection of your roof and provide a detailed report of their findings with accompanying photographs. After consulting with you over your available budget and the roofing solutions that will fix any issues, we’ll write up an estimate that considers labor hours, required materials, and necessary supplies. Once accepted, we get straight to work restoring your roof to a watertight condition.  

Common Roof Repairs Done Well

Many homeowners are plagued by common roofing problems: roof leaks, missing shingles, rotting wood, etc. However, simply because they occur often doesn’t mean these issues are easy to fix. All require detailed knowledge of roofing systems to ensure that the solution doesn’t merely paper over the problem and allow it to continue. Our roof repair contractors are trained experts who’ve practiced their craft and earned hours of experience before joining our ranks.

Rather than risk injury by climbing onto your roof, please let the professionals on our team handle the following issues:

  • Roof leak repair
  • Broken, cracked, bent, lifting, and detached shingles
  • Flashing around the chimney and all vertical attachments
  • Ventilation issues
  • Gutter issues
  • Rotting or damaged wood
  • Damaged soffit and fascia
  • …and more

Professional Roof Repair Contractors’ Process

After inspection, assessment, and an accepted estimate, our roofing contractors can start the repair process. We’ll strip away the surface layer of any affected part of the roof and remove it from your property. We’ll inspect the exposed wood decking and replace any parts affected by the roof’s damage. Once the underlying structure is sound again, we replace the tiles or shingles with new ones. After running tests for water security, we clean up any debris or materials on your property and leave your roof in perfect condition. 

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