Residential Construction in Granite Bay

Your home is the largest and most personal, important investment you can make. Make the wise choice to bring Summit Builders, Inc. in as your residential construction specialists. You’ll end up with a beautiful, unique, stylish residence that will feel like home from day one. Call (916) 903-8312 now to speak to our customer service representatives.

Summit Builders, Inc.: Your Professional Residential Contractor

Our strong leadership and organizational skills are two significant contributors to our success as one of Granite Bay’s leading residential contractors. Licensed, certified, and insured residential contractors from Summit Builders, Inc. are professional to the core, with a shared passion for bringing our clients’ dream homes to fruition. We love the challenge of such a vital position and how rewarding it is to see our clients adore their results.

Passionate Home Builders

The search for the perfect home is an exercise in frustration. It’s so rare that a buyer finds a home they would move into without making a single change. An extremely high percentage of buyers want to gut parts of the house and still renovate in others. We have to convince clients that with the same budget they had for someone else’s house and remodeling and renovations, they could instead achieve the incredible results of a custom home build.

 Your New Construction Home

We invite clients to our showroom to see the materials and products we use in person. Look at our model homes to gain an idea of what speaks to you, and tell us about your fantasy house. Our graphic designer will make it appear on-screen and tweak it with you until your virtual dream house is complete. Tap into our knowledge to make the best decisions for your upcoming custom home.

Custom Home Builders

Custom home builders don’t just show up the day of the dig and get to work. The truth is we work behind the scenes from the start, handling every step with you and for you. We help locate your land and get financing from the bank. We secure the necessary permits and schedule the inspector. We also slate vendor drop-offs and coordinate subcontractor schedules and payments.

Custom Homes

With all your choices made and subcontractors and vendors queued up, we can begin the build itself. By the end of the project, the estimate we calculate at the beginning will be an astute projection for what you pay in reality. We do everything with the budget in mind and never take a client soaring above their budget. The build comes together as most custom homes do:

  • Excavation
  • Foundation
  • Framing
  • Wiring, piping, and tubing
  • Drywall installation and closing
  • Flooring installation
  • Window and doors installation
  • Molding installation
  • Bathroom, kitchen, lighting, HVAC fixtures installation
  • Cabinetry, carpentry, appliance installation

Contact Us Now for the Custom Home of Your Dreams in Granite Bay

As the build culminates with the walkthrough and probable tears of joy, we are reminded why we do this in the first place. To give everyone the home of their dreams, beyond their wildest imagination. Call us to begin now, at (916) 903-8312.